Le Bang Bang is the award-winning collaboration of singer Stefanie Boltz & bassist Sven Faller. „Elle“ lists them among Germany‘s „First League“. In fact, Le Bang Bang has generated quite a buzz in the last years and proven that it doesn‘t need more than a voice and a bass to create an evening’s program that can easily compete with a philharmonic orchestra in richness of colors and dynamic range. They master the power and epic grandeur of AC/DC or Radiohead just as effortlessly as the subtle shades of Michel Legrand or Duke Ellington.

„The musical palette is amazing!“


„With ingenuity, devotion and sizzling suspense. Magnificent!”


„So passionate, virtuosic and creative.”


„Bold and thoroughly successful!”


Le Bang Bang

Stefanie Boltz

Singer Stefanie Boltz is one of Gemany’s most prolific vocalists. Besides her award-winning Duo Le Bang Bang with Bassist Sven Faller she has firmly established herself as a versatile songwriter with a powerful Quartet. 2018 sees the release of “The Door”, an album that truly pushes open a wide array of musical and thematic doors for the amazed listener. From the heavy guitars of the title track “The Door” to the airy acoustic Pop of „Adorable Stupid Girls“ or the rough and down-to-earth Blues of  „Stones Shape“, the music is as richly nuanced and dynamic as her voice. Stefanie Boltz is telling soulful stories that get under your skin.

„Her voice is perfect, authentic and fascinating!“


„Powerful tenderness“


„Suspense to the maximum


 „There is a fire burning within Stefanie Boltz“


Sven Faller - Night Music

Sven Faller is internationally acclaimed for his uniquely melodious style on the acoustic bass. His new program “Night Music” is a homage to the mysticism and magic of the night, for which he has assembled his personal “dream trio”: American pianist Bob Degen is doubtlessly a central figure in European Jazz history of the seventies and eighties. With Drummer Guido May, who has accompanied innumerable artists form Antonio Faraò, Johnny Griffin, Diana Krall to Pee Wee Ellis, Faller grew up together musically in the early nineties. All three look back on remarkable careers as sidemen but also leading their own ensembles.

„Melodiously full double bass lines..“ SZ

„Brilliant and always masterly“ IN Munich

„Faller doesn’t play Bass, Faller is Bass“ Trostberger

Philip Catherine & Paulo Morello Trio

Guitar greats Philip Catherine and Paulo Morello got to know and appreciate each other 2010 in the internationally successful group “Night Of Jazz Guitars”. Together they toured Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium,Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. In September 2017 the two virtuosos will be touring with a new formation including bassist Sven Faller, a Trio that is as much intimate as it is groovy.

“Deeply impressive, exciting, masterful“ -

Jazz Podium

"World class in every respect“

Archtop Germany

"A celebration of inspired dialogues and virtuoso improvisations, adventurous and intimate at the same time.“

Acoustic Music

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